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Program ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Qualifications
Training ACCA Applied Knowledge Module by Classroom training
Plan ACCA full time studies
Session Oct 2021 Re-opening
Start date 2021-04-10
Duration 18 weeks (4.5 months).


Type Description Amount
Registration IMIT annual Registration (Not to be paid by students who already paid in the current year). XAF 25,000
Registration ACCA initial Registration. Paid once at start of ACCA studies (Not to be paid if already paid when starting the basic foundation studies) (Optional) XAF 80,000
Registration ACCA annual subscription (paid annually, beginning after the first ACCA exams following initial registration). Note that ACCA revises fees annually, and the amount is also subject to exchange rate fluctuations. (Optional) XAF 95,000
Tuition Part tuition for the academic year, covering papers BA/FAB, MA/FMA and FA/FFA, XAF 240,000
Exam On-demand CBE fees covering papers AB/FAB, MA/FMA and FA/FFA XAF 267,000
Note: These fees are the training fees at the time the session was created, they might be different from the current training fees.