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Program Procurement and Supply: CIPS
Training Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations (Level 2)
Plan Regular study with tuition by installment
Session Nov 2023 Entrance
Start date 2023-11-06
Duration 5 Months


Type Description Amount
Registration IMIT Registration / Level admission XAF 25,000
Registration CIPS Student Membership (for students who have never registered with CIPS before) (Optional) XAF 85,000
Tuition First installment of tuition XAF 150,000
Tuition Second installment of tuition XAF 50,000
Exam L2M1 Exam Fee (Optional) XAF 60,000
Exam L2M2 Exam Fee (Optional) XAF 60,000
Exam L2M3 Exam Fee (Optional) XAF 60,000
Exam L2M4 Exam Fee (Optional) XAF 60,000
Exam L2M5 Exam Fee (Optional) XAF 60,000
Registration CIPS annual student membership fee (payable annualy after one year of payment of the first CIPS student membership fee). All CIPS fees are subject to changes by CIPS. (Optional) XAF 65,000
Note: These fees are the training fees at the time the session was created, they might be different from the current training fees.