GET CONNECTED: Acquire Social Media and Digital Skills
This course can be taken as a SELF-PACED E-LEARNING training. Recommended study time: at least 30 hours. Available in English and in French. The digital world is upon us both personally and professionally. Having a better understanding of the Internet, computers and social media can be a big help toward acquiring digital skills. And, once you have these skills there are many more possibilities opened to you as far as career advancement. Learn how to use a computer, connect devices and access search, email, and social media.
No previous knowledge is needed for this introductory course.
Cisco / IMIT Certificate of course completion
Required number of optional units

Identify different types of computer systems, internal components, and peripherals.

1.1 Types of equipment

1.2 Starting a piece equipment

1.3 Mouse

1.4 Keyboard

1.5 Icons

1.6 Operating Systems

Understand the directory structure of Microsoft Windows and how to work with files and folders using a text editor.

2.1 Exploring files, folders and programs

2.2 Editing a document

Understand computer networking, how to browse and search the Internet, and how to use email.

3.1 Computer Networks

3.2 The Internet

3.3 Surfing the Internet

3.4 ISPs and connection types

3.5 Search engines

3.6 Email 

Create and use various types of social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

4.1 Virtual communities

4.2 Opportunities for study and job

4.3 Social Networks

4.4 Tools on the web

Identify common problems and implement simple solutions for hardware, software, and networks.

5.1 Common equipment problems

Studies by Self-paced e-learning
For students who for various reasons will rely entirely on the e-learning resources for their learning. The course for them will be self-paced. They will take end of chapter and end of course evaluations at their convenience.
At least 15 hours
Description Amount
Fee for course delivery by e-learning XAF 50,000
Current Sessions
Title Start date Status
All time available Opened Apply
Blended E-learning and Classroom Tutorials
Students have each a login account for the e-learning resources. In addition, local academy tutors meet with the students on IMIT campus to facilitate their learning based on a time table
15 hrs of tutor/student contact and at least 15 hours of student e-learning
Description Amount
Training fee for both e-learning resources and face-to-face tutorials XAF 150,000
IMIT registration XAF 25,000
Current Sessions
Title Start date Status
Student admissions are done all the times and access to the e-learning resources granted. Face-to-face tutorials for blended study run from the first Monday of every month , five times of three hours duration each during the month. Opened Apply