Run Your Own Business; Be an ENTREPRENEUR
This course can be taken as a SELF-PACED E-LEARNING training. Recommended minimum Study Time: 15 Hrs. Available in: English & in French. This is the launching pad course for your great idea. It takes more than a single great idea to become a successful entrepreneur. The winding road between idea and execution requires business acumen, financial skills, and most importantly the right mind-set. This knowledge can not only set you apart, but set up your technology venture for greater success.
No prerequisites are required.
Cisco / IMIT Certificate of course completion
Required number of optional units

Explores how to help a business remain profitable by defining a change process, reviewing advantages and disadvantages of product changes, preparing a change plan, and communicating changes to all stakeholders. Chapter include:

• Review the business plan

• Customer and market analysis

• Implement, evaluate, and anticipate change

• Revise the business plan 

Skills to be acquired include: 

• Change process • Business assessment • Legal, social, and ethical responsibilities • Cost/benefit analysis 

How to transfer skills from one type of employment to another to succeed in the marketplace. Reviews the legal aspects of business ownership, and discusses how to prepare a funding proposal. Chapter include;

• Using social networks as a business tool

• Creating a consulting business

• Funding a new business

• Protecting the new business

Skills to be acquired include:

Social networking • Insuring a business • Identify funding sources • Prepare funding proposal • Assess personal skills

Defines e-business and introduces ways ebusiness applications can be used to solve business problems. Project management is introduced and the tools used to measure the success of a business are reviewed. Chapters include:

What is broadband?

• Preparing the business to use broadband

• Assessing business performance

Skills to be acquired include:

• Decision making • Goal setting • E-business applications • E-business metrics • Internet marketing

Explores the importance of formalizing business relationships through a contract, including the legal structure of a contract, a review of common business contracts, and the request for proposal and resulting bid. Chapter include:

• Employment opportunities in contracting

• The role of contracts in business relationships

• The request for proposal

Skills to be acquired include:

• Negotiation • Meeting protocols • Contract structure • Bid process • Pricing strategies

Reviews several aspects of business ownership including resources, the decision making process, contracts, and research. Also introduces normal business structures, departmental responsibilities, and establishing business credit. Chapters include:

• Identifying the business structure

• Creating a business structure

• Expanding the business structure

Skills to be acquired include:

• Delegation • Business communications • Resource acquisition • Lending process

How to identify personal skills, define a product or service, and determine pricing. Additional topics include presentation skills and customer service, retention, and loyalty programs. Chapters include:

• Recognizing expertise

• Generating income

• Creating a presentation

• Keeping records

• Providing good customer service 

Skills to be acquired include:

• Presenting • Selling • Identify legal structures • Understand ROI • Conflict resolution 

Introduces entrepreneurial thinking and explains how entrepreneurship differs from other employment opportunities. Business research tools are identified and a business plan is prepared. Chapters include:

• Think like an entrepreneur

• Plan like an entrepreneur

• Decide like an entrepreneur

• Writing the business plan

Skills to be acquired include:

• Research • Develop a business plan • Entrepreneurial thinking • Understand business environments. 

Studies by Self-paced e-learning
For students who for various reasons will rely entirely on the e-learning resources for their learning. The course for them will be self-paced. They will take end of chapter and end of course evaluations at their convenience.
At least 30 hours
Description Amount
Fee for course delivery by e-learning XAF 100,000
Current Sessions
Title Start date Status
Available on demand Opened Apply
Blended E-learning and Classroom Tutorials
Students have each a login account for the e-learning resources. In addition, local academy tutors meet with the students on IMIT campus to facilitate their learning based on a time table
At least 20 hours of e-learning and 12 hours of classroom tutorials
Description Amount
IMIT registration XAF 25,000
Training fee for both e-learning resources and face-to-face tutorials XAF 225,000
Current Sessions
Title Start date Status
Available all the time. Face-to-face tutorials run on a monthly bases, starting in the month following the student's admission. Opened Apply
E-learning facility is available as soon as student pays tuition fee. Classroom tutorials are organised in the month following the student's admission. Opened Apply