GET CONNECTED. Acquire social media and digital skills
The digital world is upon us both personally and professionally. Having a better understanding of the Internet, computers and social media can be a big help toward acquiring digital skills. Learn how to use a computer, connect devices and access search, email, and social media. Enjoy course content that is very user-friendly and interactive with lots of illustrations!
No previous knowledge is needed for this introductory course.
Required number of optional units

Identify different types of computer systems, internal components, and peripherals.

1.1 Types of equipment

1.2 Starting a piece equipment

1.3 Mouse

1.4 Keyboard

1.5 Icons

1.6 Operating Systems 

Understand the directory structure of Microsoft Windows and how to work with files and folders using a text editor.

2.1 Exploring files, folders and programs

2.2 Editing a document

Understand computer networking, how to browse and search the Internet, and how to use email.

3.1 Computer Networks

3.2 The Internet

3.3 Surfing the Internet

3.4 ISPs and connection types

3.5 Search engines 3.6 Email 

Identify common problems and implement simple solutions for hardware, software, and networks.

5.1 Common equipment problems

Create and use various types of social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

4.1 Virtual communities

4.2 Opportunities for study and job

4.3 Social Networks

4.4 Tools on the web

Blended E-learning / face-to-face classroom tutor support.
In addition to the e-learning facility open to the students, IMIT tutors give classroom training support to the trainees on an agreed time table.
8 Weeks
Description Amount
IMIT Registration fee XAF 25,000
Fees covering the e-learning facility and face-to-face classroom tutor support. XAF 125,000
Current Sessions
Title Start date Status
Admissions are open all the time. The e-learning resources are made available to the trainee upon payment of the training fee. Face-to-face classroom tutor support starts in the month following the month in which the trainee first had access to the e-learning resources. Opened Apply
Self study by E-learning
Students study at their convenience remotely without instructor classroom face-to face support. They do practical exercises, take assessments also and end-of-chapter assessments online as well.
At least 15 hours
Description Amount
Fee for course delivery by e-learning XAF 50,000
Current Sessions
Title Start date Status
The e-learning resources are available at all times Opened Apply
Blended E-learning and Classroom studies
Trainees have access to online course materials, and also have face-to-face classroom training sessions to boost their e-learning
Description Amount
IMIT Registration fee XAF 25,000
Fee for blended e-learning couse delivery and classroom training XAF 100,000
Current Sessions
Title Start date Status
A new session of classroom training support starts every First Tuesday of: FEBRUARY, MAY, AUGUST & NOVEMBER Opened Apply