Level 6 Professional Diploma in Computer Engineering
Equivalent to the third year of a UK Bachelor's degree programme. Holders of the level 6 professional diploma will be admitted for a Master's degree programme in partner Universities of ABMA Education Ltd.
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Level 5 Diploma or HND in computer Engineering, or other equivalents
Level 6 Diploma in Computer Engineering
Required number of optional units

Learning Outcomes:

- Be able to plan a project to deploy resources in a data centre environment.

- Know how to architect an enterprise network.

- Understand how to manage data centre security.

- Be able to deploy storage provision to a  network.

Learning Outcomes: 

- Understand how to architect distributed applications.

-  Be able to develop distributed applications.

- Know how to select an appropriate hardware platform for a concurrent system.

- Be able to manage a platform for running distributed applications.

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand how to apply signal processing theory and analysis.

- Understand how to develop digital chip designs on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Field Programming Gate Arrey (FPGA) platforms.

- Know how to produce Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) design,

- Understand the process of fabrication of a VLSI design.

Learning Outcomes:

- Know how to develop software that runs without an operating system.

- Know how to write a high-level language compiler.

- Understand the fundamental working of an operating system.

- Know how to write device drivers for an operating system.

Learning Outcomes:

- Know how to plan and architect a cloud computing environment for an organisation.

- Know how to manage a cloud environment on a tactical and strategic basis.

- Understand how to specify and deploy purpose-built custom operating system environments.

- Know how to plan and manage provision of file system services in the cloud.

On-campus tutor-led training
Classroom student/teacher face-to-face training.
Description Amount
IMIT Registration fee XAF 25,000
IMIT fee for student training XAF 475,000
ABMA Education International Exam fee (Per Unit) XAF 50,000
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