The Global Digital & Cyber Skills Campaign

Published on 2021-03-10
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Theme: Equipping everyone for an Information Technology-driven world.

IMIT is Offering modern Information Technology digital, cyber & networking courses to students, members of organizations, members of community groups and individuals in Cameroon through interactive self-paced e-learning (and blended e-learning / tutor-led training). No prerequisite knowledge in Information Technology is required.

Obtain a login account at 25,000 FRS and learn on your phone, laptop or desktop 24hrs/24, 7 days/7 for 10 months. Obtain an internationally recognized certificate of course completion for each course by taking and submitting your answers to course exercises.

Courses include: 
  • Get connected, 
  • Introduction to internet of things, 
  • Introduction to cyber security, 
  • Entrepreneurship, 
  • Introduction to Packet Tracer,
  • Cyber Security Essentials,
  • Networking Essentials,
  • NDG Linux
  • Programming Essentials in Python,
  • etc.

Subscriptions are opened. Please contact us for more information.