Level 4 Professional Diploma in Computing and Information Systems
The ABMA Level 4 Diploma is a post secondary international qualification equivalent to the first year of a UK Bachelor's degree. Holders of this Diploma will be admitted to the second year of the Bachelor's degree programme in partner Universities of ABMA Education Ltd
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GCE Advanced level or equivalent
ABMA Level 4 professional Diploma in Computing and Information Systems
Required number of optional units

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand the capabilities of different types of Information Systems

- Understand the roles of Information Systems in organisations

- Understand development concepts relevant to Information Systems

- Understand professional issues relevant to Information Systems

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand the differences between common programming languages

- Understand the similarities between common programming languages

- Be able to write object-oriented code

- Be able to write event-driven code

Learning Outcomes

- Understand the process os Systems analysis

- Be able to develop a requirements specification

- Be able to model Information Systems

- Be able to plan and manage an Information Systems project

Learning Outcomes:

- Be familiar with fundamental statistical methods

- Be able to design data collection instruments

- Be able to present information based on collected data

- Be able to perform statistical measurements on collected information

- Be able to sample data accurately

- Be familiar with financial accounting information

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand the theoretical construction of websites

- Be able to construct static websites

- Be able to construct dynamic websites

- Be able to create usable and attractive website designs

- Be able to set up a website

Classroom based studies
Face- to-face instructor-led training on campus
Description Amount
IMIT Registration fee XAF 25,000
Training fee for on-campus tutor-led training XAF 375,000
International Exam fee for ABMA Education Ltd exams (Amount per Unit) XAF 40,000
Current Sessions
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November 2020 Reopening 2020-11-09 Opened Apply