Level 6 Professional Diploma in Computing and Information Systems
Equivalent to a UK Bachelor's degree. Holders of the ABMA Education Ltd's Level 6 professional Diploma will be admitted for a Master's degree programme in a partner University of ABMA Education Ltd
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Level 5 Professional Diploma or HND in software engineering
Level 6 Professional Diploma in Computing and Information Systems
Required number of optional units

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand how to develop formal requirements for software applications

- Know how to test a software application against stated formal requirements

- Understand how to apply principles of algorithmic design to a software development project

- Understand how to develop libraries of re-usable functions and data structures

Learning Outcomes:

- Know how to develop an enterprise architecture for an organisation using a standard framework

- Understand the ongoing process of enterprise architecture management

- Understand how to perform enterprise architecture modelling

- Know how to develop strategic outputs from an enterprise architecture

Learning Outcomes:

- Know how to develop an IT security policy for an organisation

- Understand how to implement security practices according to policy

- Be able to implement processes to handle security incidents

- Understand how to test an organisation's security processes

Learning Outcomes:

- Know how to start an IT project

- Understand how to manage an IT project

- Know how to close down an IT project

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand how to architect a web platform

- Understand how to perform capacity planning for a web platform

- Understand when to use different strategies for capacity and reliability improvements

- Know how to ensure the security of an e-commerce platform

- Understand how to integrate an e-commerce platform with a logical system

Classroom based studies
Face- to-face instructor-led training on campus
Description Amount
IMIT Registration fee XAF 25,000
Fee for tutor-led on-campus training XAF 475,000
ABMA Education Ltd International exam fee PER UNIT XAF 50,000
Current Sessions
Title Start date Status
November 2020 Entrance 2020-11-09 Opened Apply